Reuniting a Mother and Daughter

H.A. is a 27-year-old resident of a group home in South Louisiana. She reads at a 2nd grade level and is most entertained playing with her dolls. The Advocacy Center received word that H.A.'s finances were possibly being mismanaged by her caretakers, and ombudsman Yvonne worked to set up a meeting with the providers. 

During the course of her investigation, Yvonne inquired about H.A.'s relationship with her family. "The provider said she had 'no one.' There was a lot of conjecture, but no real information," recalls Yvonne.   

A staff member revealed that over a year ago she took H.A. to see her mother at a nursing home, contradicting previous communications. Yvonne asked H.A. if she would like to see her mother, and she answered emphatically, “I want to see my Mama.”   

Yvonne was able to get an address from the staff and left that meeting immediately to find H.A.'s mother in a neighboring town. Asked when was the last time she saw her daughter, she stated that it had been so long she did not remember. “They don’t bring her to vist anymore.” H.A.'s mother, who also has a disability, did not know how to reach her daughter or where her group home was located.

Yvonne called a meeting and after discussing with the provider about the importance of the client being able to maintain a relationship with her family, she was able to make arrangements for H.A. and her mother to visit.

Thanks to Yvonne’s vigorous advocacy, H.A. now regularly visits her mother, is no longer at risk of losing her benefits, and has a large nest-egg that will grow over time through her use of an ABLE account.