A New Partnership between the AC and the Brain Injury Association of Louisiana

 The Brain Injury Association of Louisiana (BIALA) is delighted and honored to partner with the Advocacy Center of Louisiana in our vital and mutual interests in advocating for people with disabilities. BIALA supports brain and spinal cord injury survivors throughout Louisiana through our Resource Center (located in the Advocacy Center building), a 24-hour Hotline, 10 Support Groups, and an annual conference. 

Most recently, we partnered on a new initiative called “Unmasking Brain Injury,” which will be on display at the Advocacy Center for a special preview event on November 16 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  This art-based project provides brain injury survivors with the opportunity to express their experiences and emotions dealing with their brain injury through the creation of their own paper mache mask.  Each mask is accompanied with text that explains each survivor’s cause of injury with a glimpse into his/her world of coping and recovery. 


BIALA looks forward to collaborating with the Advocacy Center in the long term as we forge our missions to serve people with disabilities throughout Louisiana.